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Is diamond is a hydrocarbon?

No. A hydrocarbon is a molecule that is made up of just hydrogen and carbon, as the name implies. Diamond is made of a "diamond lattice" of carbon atoms bonded together covale (MORE)

Is alcohol a hydrocarbon?

No, alcohol is not a hydrocarbon. As per definition hydrocarbon contain carbon and hydrogen ONLY. And alcohol contains oxygen.....
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A halogenated hydrocarbon is?

  A compound containing one or more of the halogen elements (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine) but mainly hydrogen and carbon.
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What are hydrocarbons?

 A hydrocarbon is a molecule that consists primarily of hydrogen and carbon. Other atoms may be present in place of the hydrogen atoms in some places. Examples of hydrocarbo (MORE)

Uses of hydrocarbons?

the use of hydrocarbons (alkanes) depends on the number of carbon atoms number of carbon atoms form use 1-4 (g) heating and cooking fuel 5-7 (L) solvents and gasoline (MORE)

What is a cyclic hydrocarbon?

It is a ring formed carbon skeleton. The smallest possible cyclic hydrocarbon is cyclopropane (triangular C3H6) together with cyclobutane both being rather unstable (degration (MORE)

What are the properties of hydrocarbon?

Some of the physical properties of hydrocarbons include the fact  that hydrocarbons are non-reactive and are soluble in water.  Hydrocarbons are able to burn over a flame an (MORE)
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Is Silk A Hydrocarbon?

1. It depends on the rarity of the metal. If it is found a lot it is not used very much but if it is rare, it is used a lot.
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