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What are hydrocarbons?

A hydrocarbon is a molecule that consists primarily of hydrogen and carbon. Other atoms may be present in place of the hydrogen atoms in some places. Examples of hydrocarbons (MORE)

What is hydrocarbons?

Answer . Hydrocarbons are chemical compounds made up of only hydrogen andcarbon. Hydrocarbons usually have a carbon skeleton to which thehydrogen atoms are attached. The simp (MORE)

What is hydrocarbon?

A molecule that contains hydrogen and carbon, but no other elements is a hydrocarbon molecule. An example of a hydrocarbon molecule is methane, with the formula CH 4
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What is a saturated hydrocarbon?

A hydrocarbon is just what it sounds like, carbons with hydrogens on them. Carbon is able to form four (4) bonds to other elements (from the octet rule), where as Hydrogen can (MORE)

How can you get hydrocarbon?

it all started when crude oil was formed by dead organisms millions of years ago, it was buried under mud and silt. The pressurecompacted it which made a rich mixture a hydroc (MORE)

What do hydrocarbon and substitued hydrocarbon have in common?

Hydrocarbons are basically the same thing. A hydrocarbon and a substituted hydrocarbon are similar because they are both sudo-noble gases(each carbon has 8 valence electrons a (MORE)

What are some hydrocarbons?

Probably infinite. You can often join 2 hydrocarbons together to get further hydrocarbons, just like you can combine 2 numbers together to get more.
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What has hydrocarbon in it?

Hydrocarbons, used in organic chemistry, are molecules that contain only hydrogen and carbon. Hydrocarbons include alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes, as well as cycloalkanes and o (MORE)