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Is hydroxyl hydrophobic or hydrophilic?

Answer . Hydroxyl -OH is Hydrophilic (attracts water). This is due to the electronegativity of the oxygen atom in -OH which makes the functional group polar. This polarity (MORE)
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What is a hydroxyl group?

A hydroxyl group is a OH group bonded as: . -OH to carbon in (poly)alcohols and sugars or . OH - to positive metal ions in hydroxides
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What are hydroxyls?

Hydroxyls are the resulting molecules formed when UV-C radiation reacts with water molecules. This reaction will strip water molecules of one of their hydrogen atoms to creat (MORE)
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What is a poly hydroxyl group?

Hydroxyl groups are -OH molecules that form the 'alcohols' in organic chemistry. 'Poly' equates to 'many.' An important polyhydroxyl group is 1, 2-ethanediol (ethylene gly (MORE)
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What is the hydroxyle group?

A hydroxyl group is an -OH group, consisting of a hydrogen atom bonded to an oxygen atom, which is covalently bonded t the rest of a given molecule.
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Are hydroxyl and hydroxide same?

Not exactly. Both do refer to an OH group. But hydroxyl usually refers to a group that is covalently bonded to a larger molecule while hydroxide refers to the polyatomic anion (MORE)
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What is a simple definition of hydroxylation?

Hydroxylation is a chemical process. During this process a hydroxyl group is introduced into an organic compound, and it is the first step of oxidative degradation of organic (MORE)
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What is the formula for hydroxyl?

Hydroxyl is the (part of a) name for an 'OH' group, commonly for aOH substituent in an organic molecule: a 'hydroxyl group'. Google search suggests that "hydroxil" is a misspe (MORE)