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Types of hygienes?

It has many aspects: personal hygiene (proper living habits, cleanliness of body and clothing, healthful diet, a balanced regimen of rest and exercise); domestic hygiene (sani (MORE)

What is mental hygiene?

Mental hygiene Science of maintaining mental health and preventing disorders to help people function at their full mental potential. It includes all measures taken to promote (MORE)

What is improper hygiene?

Improper hygiene is when a person lacks the ability to maintain cleanliness. Examples are when someone doesnt brush their teeth, or maybe they dont take shower or baths etc.
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What is personal hygiene?

Personal hygiene refers to practices that lead to cleanliness and health preservation. Examples of personal hygiene practices include hair cutting, shaving, brushing teeth, ba (MORE)

Why is hygiene important?

It is very important because hygienic food makes us healthy and keeps us away form different diseases. Well taking care of your body is important. Good hygiene equals good hea (MORE)

Poems about hygiene?

 Good Hygiene    Funny things happen,    as we get a little older....    we get a little stronger,    and smell a little bolder!    So we use deodor (MORE)
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What is hygien?

body care; taking showers, washing hands, combing hair, brushing teeth, taking care of yourself All that necessary activities which protects you from germs and diseases.
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What is general hygiene?

Following parts comes in general hygiene Mouth Care Food particles in the mouth decay and cause bacteria to develop, leaving a bad odour to a person's breath. These bacter (MORE)

What is a sentence for hygiene?

 If you want to cook you need t wash your hands for good hygiene.  "Doyou have good hygiene" said Bob? 
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What are hygiene coatings?

  By definition, a hygiene coating is a seamless coating with antibacterial properties. Triclosan has been widely used as an additive in hygiene paints and sealant for its (MORE)