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How do you rupture hymen?

Hymen can be ruptured by inserting objects into the vagina. also riding horses may cause hymen to break.
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What is the hymen for?

it has no purpose once you are born. It's a remnant from when the vaginal opening was completely covered to protect the reproductive parts when you were in the womb.
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How fragile is the hymen?

That differs between women. Sometimes it breaks and sometimes it just stretches. But when it breaks it heals afterwards and everything goes back to normal.
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What is the purpose of the Hymen?

The hymen has no purpose once you are born. In the womb the vaginal canal is supposed to be closed and that is why the hymen was there. The closer you get to birth the more it (MORE)

Is it bad not to have a hymen?

Not at all. Most of the time it's not a choice you make. Some are born without ones and often it breaks by itself. The hymen is a remnant from when you were in the womb and th (MORE)

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