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What is the complete lyrics of ncr hymn?

Bayang Mahal Nating Lahat Tampok ng NCR Pusod nitong ating bansa Dulot kaunlaran Taas noong iwagayway Ang Bandila ng NCR Karunungan at katarungan Sa bansa ay itanghal Mga (MORE)

What hymn is the battle hymn of the civil war?

The Battle Hymn of the Republic . The Battle Hymn of the Republic is most often considered to be the unofficial battle hymn of the Civil War. It was written by Julia Ward H (MORE)

What is meant by Hymn?

A hymn is a song about G*d or some religious matter, usually based on a scripture, which is fairly simple in style and harmony such that it can be easily sung by average membe (MORE)

What is the shortest hymn in the LDS hymn book?

Probably #160, Softly Now the Light of Day. The music is only two lines and there is only one verse, which reads: "Softly now the light of day Fades upon my sight away. Fr (MORE)

What is the Cavite State University hymn?

Hail, Alma Mater Dear CvSU all the way through Seat of hope that we dream of Under the sky so blue Verdant fields God's gift to you Open our lives anew Oh, our hearts, our han (MORE)

How do you write a hymn?

A Hymn is a form of poem or a piece of music that is in praise of something. To write one you basically write a poem with some constraints. Some examples of writers of hymns i (MORE)

How many phonemes in the word hymn?

There are three phonemes in the word "hymn". Hard to show what they are without a phonetic font, but they are the "h" at the beginning, the vowel in the middle, the same as th (MORE)