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What is a hymn board?

its where all the numbers go on to know what section to look at in the hymn book

What is a Vedic hymn?

Vedic Chat or Vedic Hymn was the oral tradition of Vedas to chattheir Vedic mantras. It may be in a form of pathas or recitation.

Who writes hymns?

lots of people do, during lots of different times. for instance, the star spangled banner was written during a war.

What is hymn to shiva?

The Hymn to Shiva are quite a few, however most popular of theseare following. First one is the Shiva mantra ' Aum Namaḥ Śivāya' , Itsshort and easy to remember an (MORE)

What makes a hymn a hymn?

The traditional view taught in most Christian music/worship classes is: A hymn is a christian lyric or song that has no repetitious refrain. (it has no chorus sung at the end (MORE)