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What is the baguio hymn?

The Baguio Hymn is to Baguio City as the Lupang Hinirang is to the Philippines. In short, it is the anthem of Baguio City. It was composed by Arnold B. Cadangen.
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What is meant by Hymn?

A hymn is a song about G*d or some religious matter, usually based on a scripture, which is fairly simple in style and harmony such that it can be easily sung by average membe ( Full Answer )
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How do you write a hymn?

A Hymn is a form of poem or a piece of music that is in praise of something. To write one you basically write a poem with some constraints. Some examples of writers of hymns i ( Full Answer )
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What is the hymn of France?

The French national anthem is La Marseillaise.. It's considered one of the best national anthems in the world. Written by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle in 1792, it became the ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with hymn?

Brim, swim, gym, kim, trim etc. Hymn - A song of praise. . Rhymes to hymn - Brim, swim, Jim, Kim.
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Is there a hymn 666?

Actually there is. I went to Roman Catholic Church and I used to dog ear Hymn 666 in all the hymn books. It also shows that there is one in a printable Hymn Database but it's ( Full Answer )
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Who writes hymns?

lots of people do, during lots of different times. for instance, the star spangled banner was written during a war.
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What is hymn to shiva?

The Hymn to Shiva are quite a few, however most popular of theseare following. First one is the Shiva mantra ' Aum Namaḥ Śivāya' , Itsshort and easy to remember an ( Full Answer )
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What makes a hymn a hymn?

The traditional view taught in most Christian music/worship classes is: A hymn is a christian lyric or song that has no repetitious refrain. (it has no chorus sung at the end ( Full Answer )
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What is the Hymn of Hate?

It was a 'song' written in 1914 by Ernst Lissauer to stir up hatred against the English. The English may have taken it as a compliment as no other nation was mentioned! The cl ( Full Answer )