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Is kartel dating Lisa hype?

yes Lisa and mi daddi which a addi inna things a popcann this and a me fi tell you the techa rate har to the max and a just so things set nobody can stop that unless himm want (MORE)

How does mass media hype certain issues?

Media hype is when media publicizes certain issues in a way to earn TRPs and popularity. Media hype can be sensationalism about a celebrity wedding and media hype is also done (MORE)

How much do hype man get paid?

The wages of a hype man in the realm of hip-hop can vary greatly.If the MC is underground, a hype man's pay may be a few hundreddollars. Mainstream hype men, like Flava Flav, (MORE)
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What does jam that hype mean?

It means relax Its an abbrevational word for informal language many people use the word
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What does 'believe the hype' mean?

    Answer       "Believe the Hype" means that whatever the phrase is said about is really as good as everyone says... usually meaning that someone is un (MORE)
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Data mining is it another hype?

What is data mining? is data mining another hype? Is it a simple transformation of technology developed from databases, statistics, and machine learning? how the evolution (MORE)
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Why would Valerian hype up?

Valerian is high in salicylate. Some people can't metabolise salicylates well and react to things like Asprin, orange juice, strawberries. They may have histories of things li (MORE)
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Who are the members of Hype 5-0?

Allen Pascual Brittnie Aguilar Casey Kalahiki Jonathan Ramones Joshua "Hazmat" Ulep Marc "DueyNutz" Duey William Soares