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What is the Definition of hype?

  Answer     "hype" usually refers to exaggeration or hyperbole. Please see this site for more information:
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Does the iPhone live up to the hype?

      Answer   The iPhone is DEFINITELY all that it is hyped up to be. Phone, iPod, web browser. that is the very basic way to describe what it does. If (MORE)

What is the meaning of the word 'hype'?

hype (hīp) nounhypodermica drug addict transitive verb hyped, hyping hyp′·ingto stimulate or enliven by or as by the injection of a drug: usually in pp. with up: ahyped-u (MORE)

Is the Samsung hype a good phone?

The samsung is the worst phone, i got it for Christmas and absolutly hate it. I drop it everyday and it works for crap and looks scratched up This is an dumb, undurrable cel (MORE)

Is a Glock worth the hype?

It's strictly a matter of opinion. Glock makes a very reliable mid-priced gun. They are hard to beat for the price.
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Was Paul Revere a hero or a hype?

Some of both. He was an American patriot who was a member of a secret group of tradesmen known as the "Mechanics". They were a sort of underground resistance group in Boston, (MORE)
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What is the hype about 23isback?

The 23isback phenomenon revolves around the Air Jordan retro shoe release. The series is heralded as being groundbreaking because of improved comfort and design.
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