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What is hyperlink?

Hyperlink is an URL of a page present in the web through which it can be accessed..
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What is a hyperlink?

A hyperlink is a connection between one page of a hypertext document to another, they appear blue on the page, and are sometimes underlined, but the underline can be disabled (MORE)

What is the purpose of hyperlink?

To provide a way for navigation through HTML documents. For example; You see a link to a site you wish to visit, you click on it and the hidden information in the hyperlink ta (MORE)

Why use hyperlink and what is the use of hyperlink?

\nIn computing, a hyperlink is a reference in a document to an external piece of information. The most common usage is in the Internet to browse through web pages: some text i (MORE)

What is a hyperlink on a computer?

It's nothing more than a link to another program/website/document. In Word, adding see is classified as a hyper link and if a user clicks on the link they w (MORE)

Do openoffice have hyperlinks?

You can certainly put hyper-links in the word-processor. I get emails from a company, which I save in Open Office. Part of their address is their web-site - which shows as a b (MORE)

What do hyperlinks do?

Hyperlinks, if used correctly, can help a user find websites andmakes it so WWW exists.
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