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What is the purpose of hyperlinks?

The purpose of hyperlinks are to link webpage to webpage. Another way is by clicking a hyperlink in an email and will take you to the corresponding place on the Internet. Anot (MORE)

What are hypertext and hyperlinks?

Hypertext is the text that appers on the page on which we can click  and reach to another page with which it is linked.   Hyperlink helps to create links between various (MORE)

What does hyperlink mean?

A link from a hypertext file to another location or file; typically activated by clicking on a highlighted word or icon at a particular location on the screen.

What is a hyperlink?

A hyperlink is a connection between one page of a hypertext document to another, they appear blue on the page, and are sometimes underlined, but the underline can be disabled (MORE)

What is hyperlink and external hyperlink?

hyperlink is a link on a page that connects you to another spot on the page, a separate page, or another website. An external hyperlink is a hyperlink that connects you to ano (MORE)

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How do you make a hyperlink?

Hyperlink types: HTML :- <a href="http://yourlinkhere">Anchor Text</a> BBcode:- [url=]Anchor Text[/url]
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When was the Hyperlink invented?

Hyperlinks were invented in 1976. They were invented by  telecommunications company BT. They received a patent on hyperlinks  in 1989.
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What is the use of hyperlink?

A hyperlink is a clickable link found on a web page. The link can  be either in the form of a graphic or text and leads the user to  another page or section on the page.
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What is a hyperlink on a computer?

It's nothing more than a link to another program/website/document. In Word, adding see is classified as a hyper link and if a user clicks on the link they wi (MORE)

Do openoffice have hyperlinks?

You can certainly put hyper-links in the word-processor. I get emails from a company, which I save in Open Office. Part of their address is their web-site - which shows as a b (MORE)