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What is a hyperlink?

A hyperlink is a connection between one page of a hypertext document to another, they appear blue on the page, and are sometimes underlined, but the underline can be disabled (MORE)

What is the hyperlink for Wikipedia?

To get to the home page, highlight, right click, and then click to copy this: Then Up at the address bar: right clickclick "paste" (MORE)

Why use hyperlink and what is the use of hyperlink?

    In computing, a hyperlink is a reference in a document to an external piece of information. The most common usage is in the Internet to browse through web pages: s (MORE)

What can a hyperlink not be linked to?

In Excel, it is not possible to hyperlink to a chart. However, a reasonable solution to this limitation is to hyperlink to a cell directly below the chart.
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What is a hyperlink and how is it used?

A hyperlink is a link to another document or location on the Internet. You use it by clicking or Ctrl-click to go to the location attached to the hyperlink.
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How do you type hyperlink?

Hyperlinks always start with the letters http:// A perfet example is the hyperlink displayed right at the top of this screen !
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What do hyperlinks do?

Hyperlinks, if used correctly, can help a user find websites andmakes it so WWW exists.
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