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What is hypersonic travel?

\n Answer \nA travel with a speed which is more then the speed of sound.\n. \n Answer \nIn aerodynamics, hypersonic speeds are speeds that are highly supersonic. The term (MORE)
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What Subsonic frequency and Hypersonic?

subsonic is lower than 20Hz, and hypersonic(aslo called ultrasonic freq.)is higher than 14000Hz-16000Hz(you cant hear ultrasonic freq.,some people hear 50-14000,some 150-16000 (MORE)
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What does hypersonal mean?

hypersonal isn't actually a word. But when people use it, it refers to a person who is more socially desireable or intimate than normal.
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Would hypersonic passenger planes have windows?

Well the A2 ,a hypersonic transporter in the research stage, does not have windows, it only has screens projecting what is going on outside, so my answer is no, but I guess it (MORE)
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Why is flying at hypersonic speed so difficult?

flying at hypersonic speed is difficult because when you are flying at hypersonic speed it gets difficult to keep track of where you are going, so you might crash.:) PEACE OUT (MORE)
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What happened to the hypersonic at kings dominion?

During the 2006 off-season, Kings Dominion put Hypersonic XLC up for sale. In January 2008, the park removed Hypersonic from its website. On the park's opening day on March 22 (MORE)

Can any aircraft or airplane go hypersonic?

It is not possible till now for a aircraft/airplane to go hypersonic since the thrust produced by the aircraft is supported by the air present around it. However, the engine m (MORE)