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Is hyperventilation dangerous?

Yes, it can be dangerous, most people think that hyperventilation is due to getting little oxygen, but its not, hyperventilation is caused by having to much oxygen, that is wh (MORE)

What is hyperventilation?

1.. excessively rapid and deep breathing.. 2.. a condition characterized by abnormally prolonged and rapid breathing, resulting in decreased carbon dioxide levels and incre (MORE)

What do you do if your Dog is hyperventilating?

I was told by my can cover the dogs will force them to have to stop and breathe through their mouth just like humans would have too. Just make sure not t (MORE)
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How do you hyperventilate?

Breathing too rapidly or deeply. It makes you take in more oxygen than you need, depriving you of Carbon Dioxide, Which is why you start feeling a tingling Sensation around yo (MORE)
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What observations after hyperventilation?

Do not experiment with this as is is inherently dangerous to do this intentionally. Breathing into a paper bag ensures that you inhale some of the carbon dioxide you exhaled. (MORE)
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How do you die by hyperventilation?

Hyperventilation is the name for rapid breathing. It can cause pain, shortness of breath and is usually brought on by stress or anxiety. It is not a common cause of death beca (MORE)