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What is hyperventilation?

1.. excessively rapid and deep breathing.. 2.. a condition characterized by abnormally prolonged and rapid breathing, resulting in decreased carbon dioxide levels and incre (MORE)

What should'nt you do if you have hyperventilation?

I am under a considerable amount of stress and find that I am hyperventaling more. and this does not make me feel good,and I am also tired.. any suggestions. I am under a c (MORE)
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Is hyperventilating vomiting?

Hyperventalating is respiring very fast, often resulting in dizziness and nausea. Vomiting is regurgitating the food which has been partially digested and is stored in the sto (MORE)
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How do you hyperventilate?

Breathing too rapidly or deeply. It makes you take in more oxygen than you need, depriving you of Carbon Dioxide, Which is why you start feeling a tingling Sensation around yo (MORE)
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How do you recognize hyperventilation?

hyperventilation means taking in more oxygen than the body needs. This may result in various symptoms as light headedness, tingling hands and feet, palpitations, a dru mouth, (MORE)

What are the treatment of hyperventilation?

As an Emergency Medical Technician, the treatment for hyperventilation is usually oxygen, covering them with a blanket, and be ready to put them into whats called the Trendele (MORE)
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What is hysterical hyperventilation?

Hyperventilation Syndrome is almost always a disease of young adults. Hyperventilation syndrome (HVS) is an episodic disorder that often presents with chest pain and a tinglin (MORE)