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What is hypochondria?

Hypochondria . Hypochondria (or harthoarditis , sometimes referred to as health anxiety / health phobia ) refers to an excessive preoccupation or worry about having a se (MORE)
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What is a sentence using the word hypochondria?

A Hypochondiac might make this statement:. "I believe I have a serious disease but I'm not suffering from Hypochondria.". reference : (MORE)
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What do you do to treat hypochondria?

There must be a supportive relationship with a health-care provider. One primary care provider should be all that a person with hypochondria has. Patients should not have thei (MORE)
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Can abuse be a factor in hypochondria?

What Causes Hypochondriasis? . The exact cause of hypochondriasis is not known. Factors that might be involved in the development of the disorder include:. A history of ph (MORE)
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What is the right hypochondria?

It seems that the question is actually asking about the right hypochondriac region, one of the nine abdomino-pelvic regions of the body. These nine regions can be visualized b (MORE)
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What kind of disorder is hypochondria?

Hypochondria is a psychological disorder in which a person is constantly convinced they are suffering from a disease or condition, often one that they have an irrational fear (MORE)
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How old are most people they get hypochondria?

Hypochondria can develop early in life, even in childhood but is seen in people after they have suffered physical or sexual abuse. It is not diagnosed until people are older t (MORE)
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How does someone know if they suffer from hypochondria?

Someone would know if they suffer from hypochondria by getting diagnosed from a doctor or taking a test. One can take a hypochondria test at the '4degreez' website. Some of th (MORE)