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What are hypochondriacs?

Answer . \nHypochondriacs are people that always feel there is something wrong with (some disease) and most constantly go to the doctor. They are in constant worry about t ( Full Answer )
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What is a hypochondriac?

A person who is always "Sick", imaginary illness most of the time. Loves to talk about felling sick or ill. Becomes angry when not believed. Improved : A hypochondriac is a pe ( Full Answer )
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Are sociopaths hypochondriacs?

Sociopaths are not necessarily hypochondriacs. Hypochondria is a completely different mental disorder from antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy/psychopathy). Those with ( Full Answer )
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What does hypochondriac mean?

Hypochondria or hypochondriac: Pertains to suffering from hypochondria which is an excessive preoccupation or worry over ones own health. Some of the hypochondriacs have imagi ( Full Answer )
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Can you cure a hypochondriac?

Hypochondria (Hypocholdriasis) is a true mental health disorder that needs to be diagnosed. It means that someone is totally preoccupied with minor health or physical symptoms ( Full Answer )
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Is hypochondriac a disease?

No, it isn't a disease. To put it simply, a hypochondriac is a person who has a false belief that he or she has a disease or abnormal condition.
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What symptoms do hypochondriacs have?

The symptoms reported can range from general descriptions of a specific illness to unusual complaints. In many instances the symptoms reflect intensified awareness of ordinary ( Full Answer )
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Where is hypochondriac situated?

'Hypochondriac' is the scientific name attached to people who suffer under the delusion that 'if there's a disease/ailment known to man, they have it'. It differs from someone ( Full Answer )
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Can hypochondriac be cured?

Hypochondriacs will need to pay less attention to their aches and pains in order to "cure" themselves.
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What is the hypochondriac regions?

You have nine so called as quadrants to define the location on the abdomen. You have two some what triangular quadrants, that are present on either side of the epigastrium. Th ( Full Answer )