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What are examples of hypocrisy?

Hypocrisy is basically when someone does something and tells otherpeople not to do it. A mother who smokes but tells her children notto smoke is an example.
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Is hypocrisy a defense mechanism?

we can say yes and we can also say no, YES because we used to critic someone whereas it is a sort of comparable to Reaction Formation, Denial and Acting Out, it is NO, because ( Full Answer )
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What does hypocrisy mean?

Hypocrisy is technically a falseness, professing one belief, policy, or standard while not following it in your own actions. A hypocrite is someone who has double standands a ( Full Answer )
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Sentences with hypocrisy?

Hypocrisy is, essentially, saying one thing and doing another. Anexample sentence would be: The religious figure's hypocrisy wasastonishing to some.
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What is to mean To engage in hypocrisy?

To engage in hypocrisy means to act in a way that is different from your stated beliefs. Example: A woman in the USA who was active in anti-gang programs and was considered an ( Full Answer )
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How is hypocrisy shown in Pride and Prejudice?

There are several instances of hypocrisy in Pride and Prejudice, some of which are obvious, and some subtle. Perhaps the most obvious instances of hypocrisy involve Mr. Coll ( Full Answer )
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What is the theme of hypocrisy in the novel chrysalids?

David's society, despite its concern for the True Image , allows the great-horses to be bred and used. These horses are huge, far bigger than any normal horse. But, they do tw ( Full Answer )
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Hypocrisy in a sentence?

it means that it's a sentence that doesn't mean what it says.So in a way it's using verbal irony(sarcasm).