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Is hypopituitarism a type of dwarfism?

If it results in a lowered production of growth hormone then yes, dwarfism can result.
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How can hypopituitarism be prevented?

There is no known prevention of hypopituitarism, except for prevention of damage to the pituitary/hypothalamic area from injury.
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What are some symptoms of hypopituitarism?

Overall symptoms may include fatigue, sensitivity to cold, weakness, decreased appetite, weight loss and abdominal pain. Low blood pressure, headache and visual disturbances a ( Full Answer )
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When are people with hypopituitarism done growing the doctor says I might be done growing My father is six two and my mother is five seven but my father had a growth spurt in college so is it true?

That is a tough question to answer. You will continue to grow as long as they hold off giving you sex steroids. The advantage of delaying it is you will gain height, which ( Full Answer )
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Does Hypopituitarism run in the family?

There are many known individuals that have been diagnosed with the issue of "Hypopituitarism." This condition is very likely to run in family circles.