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How can you answer hypothetical questions?

Many times, hypothetical questions can be answered using deductive  reasoning. Deductive reasoning means using logic, and this can  sometimes help you determine the likely o (MORE)

What is hypothetic?

Hypothetic is when someone or something turns into an unoriginal species, such as a dog or a lizard. The reasoning for the change is various genres of coincidences. Some inclu (MORE)

If two people were in a vacuum could they hear each other speak - This is a hypothetical question and assumes a true vacuum.?

No.   Answer   Yes, provided it is a vacuum that they could survive. A true vacuum in which there is no matter of any kind is a real stretch of physics, and only reall (MORE)

In elementary terms explain hypothetical mean?

  Answer   This answer is for a child to understand. Children like to play the "what if" game.  What if Superman and Spiderman were in a fight, who do you think w (MORE)

IF you wanted to build something like the iron man suit in the future hypothetically speaking what would you need to study in college?

  You wouldhave to study Electrical engineering, robotics, and machinery with metals. All this can learned at MIT, like Tony Stark did in the comics. However these skills (MORE)
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What would happen to cells in a hypothetical cell line if mitosis occurs every 10 hours but cytokinesis occurs every 20 hours?

If in a cell mitosis occurs every 10 hours but cytokineses occurs every 20 hours the cell would be out of balance. As we know mitosis, is the process by which a animal or plan (MORE)