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What is hypothetic?

Hypothetic is when someone or something turns into an unoriginal species, such as a dog or a lizard. The reasoning for the change is various genres of coincidences. Some inclu (MORE)

Use hypothetical in a sentence?

Since the word 'hypothetical' refers to a situation that is only being entertained in the mind, for it has not happened in reality, or to a situation that you wish people to b (MORE)

What is a hypothetical anecdote?

A hypothetical anecdote is used in stories to help illustrate their  points. They are short and comical or fascinating situations that  usually require the reader to think a (MORE)

What is a sentence using the word hypothetical?

You could say something like, "Hypothetically speaking, etc." However, if you want the actual word, you could say-It is, at any rate, a purely hypothetical sentence.Hypothetic (MORE)

Is normal distribution hypothetical?

The normal distribution is a theory, which works in practice (with a large enough sample). E.g if you were to plot the height of everyone in the country, you should end up wit (MORE)