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Why does PCO2 increase during hypoventilation?

The concentration of C02 in the lung is usual very low as the rate of inspiration and the exchange of volume between the lungs and the outside flushes the C02 into the air whe ( Full Answer )
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How does hypoventilation affect pH?

Hypoventilation is causes an increase in CO2 (carbon dioxide) in your blood. This is caused by the lack of breathing, or obtaining oxygen, (on the contrary, hyperventilation i ( Full Answer )
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Can Hypoventilation cause hypoxemia?

Yes because hypoventilation causes decreased o2 in the lungs and a build up of co2. That contributes to hypoxemia which is too much co2 in your blood.
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What is hypoventillation?

the state in which a reduced amount of air enters the olveoli in the lungs
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What is central alveolar hypoventilation syndrome?

form of breathing-related sleep disorder. Central alveolar hypoventilation syndrome. This disorder is found most often in extremely obese people. The patient's airway is not b ( Full Answer )