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What is a full hysterectomy?

A total hysterectomy removes the uterus and the cervix, leaving a vaginal cuff (which is sutured, at the top of the vaginal canal). A TAH-BSO is a total abdominal hysterect (MORE)

Recovery after hysterectomy?

Depending upon what kind of hysterectomy you have, recovery can be fast or slow. Conventional hysterectomy requires a 6 week recovery time with no sex (bummer). Laparoscopic h (MORE)

How is hysterectomy?

Hysterectomy is removal of uterus. Total hysterectomy is removal  uterus and cervix. Total hysterectomy with salping-oopherectomy is  removal of uterus,cervix,fallopian tube (MORE)

Are hysterectomies hereditary?

Depends on the reason you have to have one. If it's because of lots of bleeding or damage done to it during childbirth then it's a no. But if it's due to the breast cancer gen (MORE)

What is a hysterectomies?

Hysterectomy is removal of uterus. Total hysterectomy removal of  uterus and cervix. Salpingo is removal of fallopian tubes (one or  both) and oopherectomy removal of ovarie (MORE)