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What is hysteresis damping?

In simplest terms, hysteretic damping is the energy lost in materials due to friction between molecules, and is related to displacements during vibration. It is also known as (MORE)

What is hysteresis?

Hysteresis is an output's dependence on both current and historical  input. This is necessary because the current state is affected by  historical inputs.
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What is a hysteresis loop?

The hysteresis loop for a stress - strain graph represents the energy per unit volume (energy density) that is transferred to internal energy during the loading and unloading (MORE)

What is the significance of hysteresis?

Hysteresis is the delay between an observed outcome and the quantity of change applied. When a ferromagnetic material is magnetized in one direction, it will not relax back t (MORE)

What is hysteresis loss?

If the magnetic field applied to a magnetic material is increased and then decreased back to its original value, the magnetic field inside the material does not return to its (MORE)
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What is a hysteresis curve?

  A hysteresis curve is a plot, graph or some kind of pictorial representation of the relationship between the magnetic field strength (H) and the magnetic flux density (B (MORE)

Why hysteresis is necessary?

Without hysteresis, computers would have no memory (either short term or long term), and even if I were fast enough to type this message completely before my computer forgot a (MORE)

What is hysteresis in economics?

It is a situation in business cycle where the long run equilibrium  depends on the path followed in short run. For example, shift in  labor supply curve in short run due to (MORE)

What is the hysteresis losses?

Hysteresis is the dependence of a system not only on its current environment but also on its past environment. This dependence arises because the system can be in more than on (MORE)
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What is a hysteresis?

Hysteresis can be a difficult concept to understand, but I'll give  some simple examples. There are two kinds of hysteresis.     One kind, after you make a change to (MORE)