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What is Mob Hysteria?

Mob Hysteria refers to the irrational emotions that can take holdof a group and lead to overreaction as well as violence. A lynchmob, or the people who loot and express violen (MORE)
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What is mass hysteria?

Mass hysteria is a condition in which many people are simulataniously affected by anxiety that is often extreme and unfounded. This condition is also known as collective hyste (MORE)
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What is hysteria?

HYSTERIA IS MASS PANIC. Hysteria is a generic term for a condition with a non-organic cause.
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What is the treatment for hysteria?

Hysteria can be treated in following ways: . Hysteria home remedy treatment is quite effective. Following are some Hysteria cure home remedies. Read on for home remedy for H (MORE)
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What rhymes with hysteria?

"Wisteria" rhymes with "hysteria." It is a type of flower, but is more popularly known as the lane on which the characters of Desparate Housewives live.
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What are the symptoms of hysteria?

Some symptoms of hysteria: Heaviness in the limbs Severe cramps Swelling of the jugular Feeling of something lodged in the throat Clenched teeth Wild painful cries Loss of con (MORE)
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How do you define hysteria?

Hysteria may refer to one of the following: 1)sudden uncontrollable emotion such as fear or anger 2)disorder or confusion caused by a group of people especially toward inj (MORE)
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How do you define 'hysteria'?

The word 'hysteria' generally means the following: 1) (in colloquial use) a bout of uncontrollable laughter or crying 2) (in collective use) uncontrollable excitement or a (MORE)
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What is motor hysteria?

Motor Hysteria is the development of real physical symptoms which enable a person to withdraw from a difficult situation.
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What is a noun for hysteria?

The word hysteria is a noun, a common, abstract, uncountable noun; a word for behavior exhibiting excessive or uncontrollable emotion, such as fear or panic; a medical conditi (MORE)