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How old was Barbara eden when she played on I Dream of Jeannie?

Barbara Eden was born born August 23, 1931. I Dream of Genie originally aired from September 1965 to May 1970 with new episodes, and through September 1970. So that would make (MORE)

Did I Dream of Jeannie wear a wig?

The side over her ears was her own, but bang and the back are clearly not. This w (MORE)

Was there ever a black I dream of jeannie?

No. There are obvious reasons. Both lead male characters were Field-Grade officers of the Air Force, and astronauts. there were no Black astronauts at the time Jeannie was fil (MORE)

Was Elizabeth Montgomery ever on the tv show i dream of jeannie?

Not likely. For the entire run of I Dream of Jeannie on NBC, Elizabeth Montgomery's show Bewitched was on rival network ABC. The shows shared the same theme of a woman with ma (MORE)

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Can you put TV episodes on YouTube?

videos on YouTube are meant to be home made but you could put a TV episode on YouTube but it will be taken off if it gets popular because of copyright infringement. Posting TV (MORE)

What was Jeannie's mother's name from I Dream of Jeannie?

Jeannie's mother is never referred to by name, and was played by  three different actresses. In the first season, she was played by  Florence Sundstrom and Lurene Tuttle. La (MORE)