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Why did they end I dream of jeannie?

The winding-down of the Space Program may have played a role. Also it was the only Occult service comedy, a fact probably not appreciated by the Military. It pretty well ran i (MORE)

Who were the characters on I dream of Jeannie?

The main characters were: USAF officer and astronaut Anthony "Tony" Nelson (Larry Hagman) Jeannie (Barbara Eden), once a human but transformed into a genie by the Blue Dji (MORE)

Do Jeannie and Tony ever have a baby on I Dream of Jeannie?

They were married in the fifth and final season, so the show was cancelled before children became an issue. In the 1985 sequel movie "I Dream of Jeannie...15 Years Later" Jean (MORE)

Did I Dream of Jeannie wear a wig?

The side over her ears was her own, but bang and the back are clearly not. This w (MORE)

Was there ever a black I dream of jeannie?

No. There are obvious reasons. Both lead male characters were Field-Grade officers of the Air Force, and astronauts. there were no Black astronauts at the time Jeannie was fil (MORE)

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Was Elizabeth Montgomery ever on the tv show i dream of jeannie?

Not likely. For the entire run of I Dream of Jeannie on NBC, Elizabeth Montgomery's show Bewitched was on rival network ABC. The shows shared the same theme of a woman with ma (MORE)

Did Farrah Fawcett play Jeannie in I Dream of Jeannie?

No, Jeannie the genie was played by Barbara Eden who is still alive. Farrah was much younger but had become an actress around the time of this series (1965-1970) and had small (MORE)