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How many soldiers in an army squadron?

  Traditionally, in the 20th century, Air Squadron's consisted of approximately 17 aircraft. For the US Army, during the Vietnam War (there have been many changes since Vi (MORE)

How soldiers in Indian army?

With about 1,414,000 soldiers in active service and about 1,800,000 reserve troops, the Indian Army is the world's second largest active standing army.
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What is the bonus army and what happened to them?

The Bonus Army was not actually and army. It was a group of picketers (protestors). The picketers consisted mostly of World War I veterans and their families. Congress had vot (MORE)

Who is the commander of the army of the Lord?

  I say that Jesus is the commander of the Lords army, because whenever it is an angel, it SAYS that it is an angel, it is just like Jesus to come like a soldier, think, (MORE)

What was the government's reaction to the Bonus Army?

They were veterans of World War I, and had been promised a bonus for their service. In 1931, in the depth of the Depression, they had not received their bonus, many were unemp (MORE)

How did Hoover deal with the bonus army?

In 1924 Congress voted to give WW1 veterans a bonus, but not to be paid until 1945. but in 1932 the US experienced a period of depression. as a result about 15,000 vets and th (MORE)

How did Herbert Hoover respond to the bonus army?

After the military veterans descended upon Washington to demand their promised bonuses in 1932, President Hoover's response was to send General MacArthur with his troops to co (MORE)

How was the bonus army treated?

They were treated shamefully by the government that they had honorably served and needed what help that they could get since it was during the Great Depression . General Dougl (MORE)

How many of the bonus army were shot in Washington?

Very few. But they were beaten and teargassed by the Washington police and the US Army, with MacArthur in command, his aide Eisenhower at his side, and George Patton roaring u (MORE)

How many soldiers are in the Icelandic army?

Answer 1 Iceland does not maintain a standing army. The Icelandic Crisis Response Unit is a civil paramilitary organization typically kept at 30 members, and which may be exp (MORE)