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How long do shar peis live?

As an any average mid size dog, shar peis live from 8 to 12 years. But with good care and proper diet they are known to live 15 years or longer.

Who was affected when PEI joined Canada and why did PEI join Canada?

Practically every person in Canada was affected. PEI joined because they were beginning to go dry in the honey pot. In a nutshell, they were nearly bankrupt. The entire Domi (MORE)

Are Shar pei good dogs?

Shar-peis are not considered amongst the most intelligent dogs (please see below in Related Links for more information). However, they are not unintelligent, and the margin be (MORE)

How much is a shar-pei?

I got one five years ago from a pet store and he was approx. $1,300 with his shots. Also, if he/she is really wrinkly, you may have to get the eyes stiched ($200). This is to (MORE)

How big is PEI?

The area of Prince Edward Island is 5660 sq. km (2184 sq. miles). About the size of Delaware
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What is the terrain in PEI?

Its terrain can be characterized as gently rolling hills. White   sandy beaches are predominant along the northern shores while  red sandstone cliffs edge its southern exp (MORE)