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Who kills iago?

Othello tries to, but fails. Iago is captured by the Venusian police and taken off to be tortured to death
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How old is Iago?

Iago had his twelfth birthday on January 12th, 2011. To celebrate, he visited Hooters with Brabantio.
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Who is Iago in Othello?

The villain, deceiver, manipulator, servant of Othello (whom he hates because he made Cassio his lieutenant instead of him).
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What does iago do to Othello?

Iago convinces him that his wife Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio, his lieutenant. Thus, enraging him and blinding him with jealousy. These thoughts eventually cause (MORE)
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Why is Roderigo angry with Iago?

Roderigo is mad at Iago because he found out that all his gifts he was sending to Desdemona through Iago weren't getting to her. he found out that Iago was keeping the gifts a (MORE)
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Is iago a villain in Othello?

Of course Iago is a villain, a malcontent - to be more specific. He schemes ever since the beginning of the play to bring down Othello arguably for no real reason at all. Iago (MORE)
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Why does Iago oppose Othello?

Iago opposes Othello because Othello chose to promote Cassio to lieutenant instead of Iago. Also, Iago is prejudice against Othello for his skin colour. Othello was a victim o (MORE)
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How do Iago and Roderigo enrage Brabantio?

They draw a picture, using the filthiest language possible, of his daughter making love to Othello. They neglect to mention that he has married her first (although that would (MORE)
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Why does cassio refer to iago as honest iago?

Everyone does. Othello calls him that too. It is really frustrating to anyone watching the play how everyone comments on how honest Iago is when we know what a sneaky, devious (MORE)
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What did Iago do to Othello?

Iago tricked Othello into believing that his wife was not faithfuland did not love him.