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Who is Ian Paice?

Answer He is the drummer for Deep Purple and probably (certainly?) the greatest rock drummer that has ever lived, his full name is Ian Anderson Paice (born June 29 , 1948 (MORE)
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How is Jason Kennedy related to the Kennedys?

No link between Jeson Kennedy and the Kennedys can be found. Though  his father's name is Robert, he is not the Robert Kennedy that was  the brother of John F. Kennedy.
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Who was Ian Serrailler?

Ian Serraillier was born on September 24, 1912, in London, England. He received his master's degree from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, in 1935, and then taught at Wycliffe College (MORE)

Why was Kennedy assassinated?

There are those who believe Kennedy was assassinated for multiple reasons: he supposedly spoke about and against the alleged secret society that some think runs this country a (MORE)

What does Kennedy mean?

It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is helmet head or ugly head; one who had an ugly head . My name is Kennedy and I was told the my name was Irish but not Gaeli (MORE)

Were the Kennedys wealthy?

Yes, the Kennedy's were a very wealthy family. One of the most speculated reasons for this is that Joseph Sr. (Father to JFK) sold bootlegged alcohol during the prohibition (MORE)

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