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What is the setting of the story The Humming Bird Tree it is written By ian McDonald?

The novel Hummingbird Tree, written by Ian McDonald takes its setting in post-colonial Trinidad. It centres on an East Indian village that shows the disparity in the society w (MORE)

How can The Humming-Bird Tree by Ian McDonald be summarised?

The Humming-Bird tree is a Trinidadian symbol of the Garden of Eden. The novel's Adam and Eve are a white Creole Trinidadian boy of eleven and the East-Indian kitchen-girl emp (MORE)
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Summary of the poem God's Work by Ian McDonald?

It is about a boy or man who is telling the story about his servant  who was a good black man. The speaker looks up to this man, who in  this poem was a slave in the period (MORE)

What is the significance of the book the hummingbird tree by Ian McDonald?

Ian Mcdonald's novel, The Hummingbird Tree, is a social commentary on post-colonial Trinidad seen through the eyes of a teenager. There are four obvious themes that bring out (MORE)
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View the poem God's Work by Ian McDonald?

God's Work by Ian McDonald is abt a man who has hired Prince or as he calls him Mister Edwards to work in his yard. The employer shows great respect for Mister Edwards and adm (MORE)

Summary -chapter 1 The Hummingbird Tree - Ian McDonald?

the summary in chapter one is about kaiser and Alan down by the river catching butterflies. the boys were best friend and the had many similarities and differences. they both (MORE)

What has the author Ian Greig written?

Ian Greig has written: 'Today's revolutionaires' -- subject(s): College students, Political activity, Radicalism, Revolutions 'Subversion: propaganda, agitation and the sp (MORE)