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Why did ian curtis killed himself?

Basically it was to much to soon he had epilepsy his marriage failed he had an affair the band was taking a direction he didnt want in his song love will tear us apart he desc (MORE)

How did musician Ian Morris die?

No one really knows. Only the Napier Police do and they wouldn't share it to the public. Sadly, on or about the 7/10/10 Ian checked out by Hanging himself at the Te Pania Ho (MORE)

Are ian and Anthony brothers?

No, Ian H and Anthony P from Smosh are not brothers, they are friends. Anthony P has a younger brother 8 years younger then him. (Presumably, in some his videos.)
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What is ian somerhalders hobby?

Somerhalder spends much of his time studying acting, writing and practicing yoga. His recreational interests include water and snow skiing and horseback riding. For his 32nd (MORE)

Is ian hecox from smosh bisexual?

No? He's straight, he's always going on about girls in his videos... and anthony is.
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What is ian somerhalder's favorite color?

Ian Somerhalder's favourite color is Turquoise. =] Turquoise Ian Somerhalder's favourite color is Turquoise   the color of a lollipop black
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Is ian moss married?

ian moss is married to margaux rawstron and the have a son together called Julian :)
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How did ian Morris nz die?

I understand it to be suicide by hanging. source: nz police 7/5/11 Sadly Ian hanged himself at the Te Pania Hotle on Marine Parade Napier on or about the 7/10/10.
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