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Are roadrunners fast?

yes, road runners are very fast !!! they bend over so their tail is paralell th their head and run rapidly almost like the cartoon!!!! ~eleven yr old J.P. (those r my initalil (MORE)

Where is IBM from?

IBM was formed from a merger of three (at the time) major companies: the Tabulating Machine Company, founded by Herman Hollerith and based in Washington D.C.the International (MORE)

Is a roadrunner a vertebrate?

yes, because it's a bird and all creatures that have bones are vertebrates octopuses and such creatures don't have bones so they are invertebrates
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Do roadrunners hibernate?

No, they do not. Living in the southwest, they continue to feed all winter long. They take shelter from extremely cold weather, but do not hibernate.
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What colors are the roadrunner?

  The roadrunner's colors are red, gray, and brown.   The roadrunner's colors are red, gray, and brown.
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Can a roadrunner fly?

Yes, but it's really more of a controlled downward glide than an upward soaring flight.
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Why is the roadrunners called the roadrunner?

The roadrunner prefers to run from danger, rather than fly, though it flies well. The road runner does not fly all that well. It spends most of it's time on the ground searc (MORE)