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Can ibogaine be used to detox off of 100mgs of methadone?

Yes. However, Methadone is usually harder to treat than Heroin. I've heard of many people who came off of 100 Mgs with Ibogaine. One such man is Dmitri Mugainis (Not sure is l (MORE)
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Does Ibogaine have a positive effect on Heroin Addiction?

Ibogaine has been shown to have a powerful anti-addictive effect against many different substances, including heroine. Some badly addicted patients reported absolutely no crav (MORE)
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What kind of drug is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is a psychoactive drug taken from the plant Iboga. The drug is a hallucinogen, and in many countries it is used as a treatment for various addictions. (Meth, Alcohol, (MORE)