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How cold is hockey ice?

  The ice needs to be between 24 and 26 F or -4 C to be effective for players.
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How cold is a glass of ice water?

A mixture of ice and water will always have a temperature of exactly 0°C (32°F). Whether it is ice melting or water freezing, the temperature stays at that temperature u (MORE)
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Why is dry ice so cold?

I imagine that you're question is actually "Why is dry ice colder than water ice?" If that is in fact the case the answer is because of the chemical composition of the two dif (MORE)

Is ice to cold to emit radiation?

No, ice emits thermal radiation. It just emits less than so called room temperature. You need to get down to absolute zero, around -273C, to stop the emission of thermal radia (MORE)
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How cold is an ice rink?

An ice rink is about 0°C, which equals 32°F. The reason a skating rink is kept at a maximum of the water's freezing point 0oC is to keep the ice from melting, so that the sk (MORE)

How cold can ice get?

Ice can exist at any temperature below 0oC - and as the lowest possible temperature is absolute zero (approximately -273oC), this is as cold as ice can get. (Note that issues (MORE)
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Is dry ice hot or cold?

It is so cold that it can burn the skin. It can be fun to play  with, but ONLY if you wear protection like gloves. I always use  oven mitts when handling dry ice.
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Ice in a cold air intake?

IN a cold air intake would be a horrible idea since ce the ice would melt, and the liquid would be drawn into your engine, possibly leading to vapor lock and all kinds of engi (MORE)