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What is Idealism?

a theory of reality and of knowledge that attributes to consciousness, or the immaterial mind, a primary role in the constitution of the world. More narrowly, within metaphysi (MORE)

What is moral idealism?

Moral Idealism is a belief that individual rights and  responsibilities are universal, regardless of outcome.
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What is ideal culture?

The ideal culture is different for every single person in this world. No one has the same view of what an ideal culture is. I think an ideal culture would be where everyone is (MORE)
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What is idealized?

  What is idealized? For me, imagine as a perfect, formulate ideals.....
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What are the ideals of neoclassicism?

Neoclassicism is based on going back to the classic ideas. There is a strong belief in liberty, fraternity and equality. Neoclassical thought keeps reoccurring, era's like th (MORE)

What is unrealistic idealism?

I'm not sure if you are trying to define this for a class, so I may not have the definition you are looking for. However, just going by logic and the basic definitions of the (MORE)

What is an ideal man?

a man who makes it easy for you to love him and who loves you above everything. Ideal man is someone whom you visualize as the perfect one who meets all the standard qualities (MORE)