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What is unrealistic idealism?

I'm not sure if you are trying to define this for a class, so I may not have the definition you are looking for. However, just going by logic and the basic definitions of the (MORE)

What is dialectical idealism?

Dialectic Idealism is accredited to the German philosopher, Georg  Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831). The Hegelian dialectic is a  three stage model of development that ca (MORE)
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What are the five ideals?

  equality   rights   liberty   oppurtunity   demorcracy
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What is an ideal gas?

A substance whose molecules do not take up space or interact with one another. PV = nRT The Ideal Gas Law is the chemistry law that combines the other gas laws (Charles's La (MORE)

What is an ideal pesticide?

safe for use. non toxic to either humans, mammels or fish  # non residual- preferably biodgradable and or UV degradable  # selective in its effect  # works in multiple kill (MORE)

What is an ideal man?

a man who makes it easy for you to love him and who loves you above everything. Ideal man is someone whom you visualize as the perfect one who meets all the standard qualities (MORE)
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What is an idealized neuron?

An idealized neuron has dendrites shown on top and axon at the bottom. They are used in artificial nets to model brain function.