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What is the adverb of identify?

relate and identify could be used in a similar manner   Aaron slurped his soup.
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How can you identify an arthropod?

Answer   Arthropods are invertebrates (animals without a backbone) with jointed legs and a hard exoskeleton (external skeleton). Within the arthropod group are insects (s (MORE)

How are isotopes identified?

isotopes are identified by their mass numbers, which is the total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus.
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How are minerals identified?

Minerals possess a number of properties that are used as an aid in their identification. These are listed below with a brief description: Color--The color of the specimen as (MORE)

How do you identify a gene?

You can identify a gene from a DNA sequences by finding specific  patterns and making predictions based on them. Biological computer  programs can pinpoint patterns and help (MORE)

How do you identify a wolf?

The easiest way to identify a wolf is on its eyes, they are golden brown and slightly green. Also their white patterns on their face (gray wolves this is) as a gray wolf will (MORE)
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How are resistors identified?

Resistors are electronic segments. They are shading coded with stripes to uncover their resistance esteem measured in ohms and additionally their assembling resilience. There (MORE)