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How do you identify a prism?

A prism is a polyhedron - a 3-dimensional shape with polygonal faces. It has two identical and parallel polygonal faces that are "joined together" by rectangular faces. A pri (MORE)

How do you identify a demon?

There are some very old and quite rare books with lists and descriptions of some bit not all of the known demons. Barring that, research, research, my experience (MORE)

How do you identify a giraffe?

We identify a Giraffe by its long neck , by its brown color spots on its yellow body and by its tall height.
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How can you identify a mixture?

A mixture is a substance that is made up of more than one type of molecule or atom, for example, a mixture of salt and water. To tell the difference between a pure substance (MORE)

Helpful Swimming Tips for Dogs

Swimming, for dogs, is a natural ability, and most dogs are ready to jump right in the pool with the rest of the family and dog paddle around the pool easily. Some dogs may ha (MORE)
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How to identify wolves?

  well first off they usually are in packs and unless somethin happens they are a lone wolf but as a pack a wolf will usually be gray brown or black but sometimes they are (MORE)

How do you identify dogs?

  The American Kennel Club ( has a complete description of what they consider ideal for every breed that they recognize. However, they don't recognize all bree (MORE)
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How can you identify pseudoscience?

one can be considered a pseudoscience if it did not undergone the scientific process. For example, making a conclusion before gathering facts that would support it.
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How do you identify identity?

You can identify identity by various ID cards , fingerprints/footprints (etc..) people or media. Identifying identity is can be hard for police or someone , but think like a d (MORE)

What is the plural of identify?

Identify is a verb and has no plural form. The corresponding noun is identification, the plural form of which is identifications.
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