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What is identity?

Identity is what makes recognisable from other people such as your date of birth your address telephone number national insurance number etc all the things that distinguishes (MORE)

What is an ident?

An ident is a bit like a commercial, but not. It is basically a TV channel identifieing themselfs on a smalll like video just before the programme stops. (Etc. a channel airin (MORE)
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Do identical twins have identical fingerprints?

Identical twins do not have identical fingerprints.. Identical twins (also known as monozygotic twins) are formed when a single fertilised egg splits in two after conception. (MORE)

What the identity?

Identity is someone who looks like someoe else. And i don't want to tell you the rest. if you want a proper answer go to define:Indentity. There you go i just helped you, (MORE)
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Why do identical twins have identical genes?

To be strict, if you look real close, they haven't. But their genes are very, very similar. And the why is because identical twins start out as one fertilized egg that sp (MORE)

What is identity theft and identity fraud?

Identity fraud is when someone hacks into your computer, uses your credit cards, and steals personal information. (etc). Identity theft is actually stealing your identity to (MORE)

What is identical?

Identical means two or more things being exactly the same. Identical twins means twins that share the same genetic material. For some reason, a single embryo divides in hal (MORE)