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What is an ideogram?

An ideo gram means a word that looks like what it says for example: Folded.... the word folded, actually looks folded or heart the word heart is inside the shape heart. ide (MORE)

What does an ideogram illustrate?

An ideogram is a figure which represents a whole word. One which we use a lot is a heart for the word "love". You will note that the heart shape does not actually look a lot l (MORE)
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What is the difference between ideograms and pictograms or pictographs?

A Pictogram or pictograph is an iconical representation, which means that it resembles what it represents. You can easily identify what it is represented. However, by using th (MORE)

How diffent are ideograms cueniforms and phonetic alphabets?

Ideograms are symbols that represent entire words or concepts, but don't give a clue as to how the word is pronounced. An example of an ideogram is & (which is pronounced AND (MORE)

What is a ideogram in hieroglyphic form?

Most hieroglyphs have a sound-value so they can be used to spell out words in the ancient Egyptian language. Some of these signs can also be used as ideograms , where the s (MORE)