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What was tsarist ideology?

Tsarist autocracy consisted of principles promoting the idea of the   divine leader leading his people like a parent and caring for and protecting   them in a paternal m (MORE)

What is the NRA ideology?

The NRA is a highly conservative and republican group.  The NRA is somewhat libertarian in it's ideology, and is a  non-partisan organization that is committed to preserving (MORE)

What is ideological refinement?

Ideological refinement emphasizes the discrepancy between high support of principles of equal treatment and low support for active government intervention to reduce racial ine (MORE)

What is cubist ideology?

Cubism was a twentieth century art movement in which objects were  broken up, like the breakdown of unified cultural perspective in  modernism, analyzed, then reassembled to (MORE)
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How ideology emerges?

ideology is innate to each person but it only emerges or manifests itself when a man feels dissatisfaction from the existing system. ideology is nothing but a set of concepts (MORE)

What is the ideology of a prison?

  Answer   Her Majesty's Prison Service serves the public by keeping in custody those committed by the courts. Our duty is to look after them with humanity and help (MORE)

What is ideological?

Ideology refers to the set of thoughts and ideas that influence a  person's goals, expectations, and actions. Ideologies are divisive  and central to politics.