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What is Skype id?

A Skype ID is the user name that others will see when talking to  the person on Skype. The name chosen is up to the person and can be  their name or favorite band or activit (MORE)

What is the answer id to?

One answer would be that the id is according to Sigmund Freud the part of the psyche that we have at birth inherited from our parents and handed down in our genes. It consists (MORE)

What are the Ides of March?

The Ides of March . The Ides of March - or March 15th - is known throughout history for being an ill-fated day. Julius Caesar was assassinated on this date in 44 B.C. Hist (MORE)

What is IDE in VB?

IDE=integrated development environment its a tool or application for debugging, compiling and souce code editing in easy way to programmer. VB has its own IDE called MS visual (MORE)

What is Mac ID?

  MAC ID is like a serial nr of your network card.   On a windows system you can know what you're mac id is through START > RUN > type "cmd" without the quotes > type " (MORE)
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Do you have to have an ID to get a job?

Yes, most places will require that you have two forms of ID. Usually a photo ID such as a license, passport or School ID and something proving your citizenship a copy of your (MORE)

What is IDE Programming?

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) refers to  several software tools combined into a single program, or a group  of programs that work together as if they were a si (MORE)
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What is the Id?

The abbreviation "I.D." (identification) is also used as a  vernacular verb "to identify".   The "id" in psychiatry was a Freudian construct supposedly  embodying all th (MORE)
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What is a eclipse ide?

"Eclipse is a computer software platform that software programmers can use to load plug-ins into programming software like Java. IDE stands for ""integrated development enviro (MORE)