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What is the answer id to?

One answer would be that the id is according to Sigmund Freud the part of the psyche that we have at birth inherited from our parents and handed down in our genes. It consists (MORE)

What is a SCSI ID?

  SCSI - Small Computer System InterfaceSCSI is an industry standard system interface, which allows multiple peripheral devices to be installed on the system. The number o (MORE)

What is a gamer id?

A name that identifies a player when he or she is playing online with others, so they can be determined and recognized.
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How is email id?

Email is id ... like yahoo id for example :) Simple
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What is an forum ID?

Sounds like a user id which you will have as soon as you register here. (In this forum). Just a name that you use when submitting responses in a forum. Mine is oddblob99.
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What is the Id?

The abbreviation "I.D." (identification) is also used as a  vernacular verb "to identify".   The "id" in psychiatry was a Freudian construct supposedly  embodying all th (MORE)

What are IDE cables?

Integrated Drive Electronics or IBM Disc Electronics, IDE is morecommonly known as ATA or Parallel ATA (PATA). It is a standardinterface for IBM compatible hard drives and CD (MORE)
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How do I id the ghosts?

you talk to them with an ouija board, i recommend you research this first before going ahead with it as these things are very dangerous and can cause many problems   you ca (MORE)

What is a id card?

An identity document (also called a piece of identification or ID, or colloquially as one's 'papers') is any document which may be used to verify aspects of a person's persona (MORE)