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What is the meaning for idioms?

Idioms are phrases or expressions whose meaning should not be taken literally. I cannot be understood by simply knowing and putting together the ordinary meanings of the separ (MORE)

How do you write an idiom?

You don't write them - idioms are phrases that evolve over time as people speak the language. It would be very hard for you just to invent one and have everyone start using it (MORE)

Why are idioms important?

Idioms are a part of daily speech. They convey meaning quickly and are often easy to use and learned early on by native speakers. Idioms are also an important part in the pr (MORE)

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What is the definition of idiom?

An idiom is an expression, word, or phrase that has a figurativemeaning or the associative or connotative meaning. Example: A drop in the ocean Meaning: A very small part of s (MORE)

Is 'chicken' an idiom?

Chicken is not an idiom, because an idiom is a phrase. Chicken, meaning afraid or cowardly, is a slang term. Slang is when you have a word (sometimes a couple of words) that l (MORE)

Is Rebout an idiom?

An idiom is a phrase that makes no sense unless you know thedefinition. This is a word ... and not an English one, either.You'll need a dictionary for whichever language this (MORE)