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What do I do if my boyfriend is an idiot?

  It depends on how old he is hon and what you mean by idiot.He is either annoying or stupid.   If you two are bolth in highschool and he's stupid encourage him to find (MORE)

How to be an idiot?

On your homework, put "I'm an Idiot" to the answer of every question. Say "As the prophecy decrees" after every sentence.
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Why are dogs idiots?

Well dogs aren't idiots. Most of them act like it because they are spoiled or untrained. You have to teach them over and over agin until they remember. Like when you say 'sit' (MORE)

Why are males idiots?

Huge amounts of hormone make logical thought quite difficult for many males in cetrain situations. This is not helped by the tendency to create those situations in the first p (MORE)

Is Satan an idiot?

No, but from a theological standpoint, he is misguided in his devious intelligence. Just as an assistant may subtly resent the prestige and status of his superior, Satan repre (MORE)

Are idiots really idiots?

Idiocy is relative. Compared to me many people are idiotic in areas such as politics and philosophy, but compared to other people the person who is an idiot compared to me mig (MORE)

Why am I an idiot?

You only think you are an idiot probably due to some mistakes, wrong decisions or a mishap made by yourself at some point. The truth is, you are not an idiot. We all make mist (MORE)

Is it an idiot or a idiot?

An idiot. The English "article of speech", "an", must be used before a word beginning with a vowel and some specific words beginning with a consonant. Correct: a duck Correct (MORE)