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How do you know if your a idiot?

You're an idiot if you don't know when to use you're and your. you're (you are)...your - shows possession. Another way to tell if you're an big $%@#$% idiot is you don't kn (MORE)
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What is American idiot about?

It is about three boys from a small town who think there that there has to be something more besides there town. One boy gets into drugs and falls in love. Because of his addi (MORE)

Idiot in italian?

Idiota. It's funny cause idiot comes from Latin language and it means "someone who doesn't take part to the social life of the city" or something like that. In ancient (MORE)

Why are dogs idiots?

Well dogs aren't idiots. Most of them act like it because they are spoiled or untrained. You have to teach them over and over agin until they remember. Like when you say 'sit' (MORE)

Why are males idiots?

Huge amounts of hormone make logical thought quite difficult for many males in cetrain situations. This is not helped by the tendency to create those situations in the first p (MORE)

Define what is idiot?

It's true meaning is "a very stupid person", though a lot of the time people just use the word "idiot" at people to insult the people they don't like, but I think it's more co (MORE)
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What do you do if your brother is an idiot?

1. Slap them 2. Kick their balls 3. Swear at them 4. Fart in their face 5. Hit them over the head with a book 6. Pull their hair 7. Shave one of their eye brows off while the (MORE)
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How clumsy is a idiot?

The term idiot is now offensive. It has referred to a person of profound retardation unable to learn proper speech or guard against common dangers. Generally having a mental a (MORE)

Is it an idiot or a idiot?

An idiot. The English "article of speech", "an", must be used before a word beginning with a vowel and some specific words beginning with a consonant. Correct: a duck Correc (MORE)