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How do you adjust the idle?

\n. \n Adjusting the Idle . This depends if it is on a carbureator or on fuel-injection.\n. \nOn a carbureator, locate the idle adjustment screw and turn until idle is (MORE)

What is Idle?

Answer . Idle is when the computer is on, but it is not in use at that time. For example, were you using the computer, then stopped for a period (you made no key depressi (MORE)

What is a idle pulley?

idle pulley is a pulley on an engine that does not drive any accesories ,such as water pump or alternator. it is put there to route the belt so as the belt will not hit or rub (MORE)

Why won't it idle?

Answer coolant temp sensor reading wrong to engine control unit, idle air control motor, vacuum leak, or problem w/airmass sensor. Should be a check engine light on, if so h (MORE)
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Is idle a noun?

Idle can be a noun, though it can also be, and more often is, an adjective or a verb.
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What is the adverb for idle?

The adverb form of the adjective idle is idly . The participles of the verb to idle are idling and idled, but thesedo not form recognized adverbs.