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How to get into a band?

A. Very  easy, man. Just be prepared with your talent. And one thing is  important: you may be an awesome musician, but when it comes to  playing in a group, you gotta be v (MORE)
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What is the origin of the name Idlewild Golf Course?

Without specifying the native American tribe, Southeast Queens Press (website) explains that "the golf course acquired its name from an old Indian name for the area - "Idalwil (MORE)

How did Idlewild Airport get its name?

Idlewild Airport, now John F. Kennedy International Airport, got  its name as construction began in the early 1940s around a sporting  complex called the Idlewild Golf Cours (MORE)

From where or whom did the name Idlewild originate?

My Grandmother was a school teacher in North Carolina around the end of the 19th Century & when she married, she & my Grandfather named their farm Idlewilde Place. For some r (MORE)

Where did the former name of Kennedy Airport 'Idlewild' come from?

 Answer   Construction on Idlewild International Airport (presently John F. Kennedy International Airport) began in 1942. The airport took its name from the Idlewild Go (MORE)

Who was Alexander Anderson for whom the NY airport was named before it became Idlewild?

 Answer   He was the Commanding Colonial of the Fighting Sixty Nineth or the 165th infantry on 23rd and Lexington ave.   He was raised by Col Duffy the founder of t (MORE)

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