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Is the Parachute band a Christian band?

Yes, The Parachute Band is a Christian band! Their song Mercy is featured on Casting Crowns' 2009 studio album, Until The Whole World Hears. In front of me, I have the All Th (MORE)
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What is the origin of the name Idlewild Golf Course?

Without specifying the native American tribe, Southeast Queens Press (website) explains that "the golf course acquired its name from an old Indian name for the area - "Idalwil (MORE)

Is the band 'Chevelle' a Christian Band?

They started out on a Christian music label which tanked, where they pursued other companies, leaving the Christian Music spectrum altogether. So although all the band membe (MORE)

Is the band Catamenia a satanic band?

They are not. The guitarist Riku "K-oz" Hopeakoski said in an interveiw with that they like playing the Black Metal genre, but are not satanic.
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Is the band Seether a Christian band?

No. Take a look at the titles of their songs, which says it all... On their Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces album... (Now #7 is titled No Jesus Christ.. but its has no (MORE)

Is the band Demon a satanic band?

they are not satanic, they are christian, look deeper into their lyrics, they give hope not dispair Giving hope does not make one Christian any more than giving despair make (MORE)

From where or whom did the name Idlewild originate?

My Grandmother was a school teacher in North Carolina around the end of the 19th Century & when she married, she & my Grandfather named their farm Idlewilde Place. For some r (MORE)