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How do you make idli?

very famous and delicious breakfast of south india. preparation : idli rice- 4 cups urad dal-1 cup methi - 2 tbsp soak rice and methi for min 4 hours and dal for min of 2 hou (MORE)

Stand about idly?

It means you're not doing anything. (Often said by annoyed parents or managers when it is obvious to them that you could be helping out.)
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How does Idli taste?

I've lived in Puliangudi, Tamil Nadu for some time and had to eat them for breakfast often. The texture is like porridge when you use too much wheat or not enough milk. Their (MORE)
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Is idli a noun?

There is no word 'idli' in English. You could mean 'idle', an adjective sometimes used as a noun meaning not working or at rest, and a verb meaning 'at rest'. Examples: Ad (MORE)

What is idly rich in?

Idly is prepared from a batter which is made of fermented rice. this fermentation allows the idli to increase its nutritional value as due to fermentation there is less choles (MORE)

What is the meaning of idly?

Idly is a south indian dish made by rice and urud dal. Soak 4 cup boiled rice and 1 cup urud dal for 5 to 6 hours. Grind this mixture and keep it 12 hours and make idly with t (MORE)