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Is the rosary idolatry?

Speaking as a non-Catholic: . As an evangelical Anglican, I actually never use a rosary as an aid for prayer as this device is more in keeping with the Roman Catholic traditi ( Full Answer )
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What is idolatry?

Another Answer from our community: Idolatry from a Christian perspective, is actually the worship ofsomething other than the one true god, whether this be representedin an ac ( Full Answer )
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What can be a sentence with idolatry?

One sentence would be: "Many cultures throughout history have practiced idolatry, the worship of idols."
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When did Catholicism start Mary idolatry?

Mary is not a goddess so the Church is not guilty of any form of idolatry. Catholics honor Mary as the Mother of God and she has been honored as such since the earliest days o ( Full Answer )
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Use idolatry in a sentence?

Some religions believe in praying to statues, which is seen as idolatry by many Jews.
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How did the Israelites commit idolatry?

Another answer from our community: 1) The ancients were tested by a powerful lure towards idolatry. Wedon't understand it because conditions have changed (Talmud, Yoma69b). ( Full Answer )
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What are the importance of studying idolatry?

the importance of studying idolatry is to see what make people to worship idols and how importance the idol is .
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Why is idolatry considered a problem?

Well It depends on what religion you comes from. From the cathlic point of view it is wrong since God wants us to worship him. It is even said in the bible that he is a jealus ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence with idolatry?

Idolatry (the worshiping of idols or figures, portraits, images) is forbidden by Judaism, Islam, and Protestantism.
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Are Catholics idolatry?

Catholic Answer No, Catholics are Christians who worship (in the Americanmeaning) God. Idolatry is the worship of idols, you are probablymean to ask are Catholics idolaters ( Full Answer )