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Idyll in a sentence?

"The country, Europe, has been described as idyll by those who inhabit it." Idyll (n): Pastoral, or rustic. Promotes a mood of contentment.
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What does idyllic memory mean?

I believe you are referring to "eidetic " memory, a rare capability to have near-perfect recall. Many that claim to possess an eidetic memory do not have one.

Who is Paul Joslin Composer of Hiroshima Idyll?

Paul Joslin, a Parsons, Kansas native, trained at the University of Missouri- Kansas City under Jame Mobberly and other composition professors. Joslin held the position of ins (MORE)

What does rural idyll mean?

The rural idyll is a utopian vision of the countryside, often created for the consumption of urban groups as something for the to aspire to
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What is an idyllic memory?

"Idyllic" basically means something like "extremely happy; peaceful". It's also possible, if you heard the term rather than saw it, that the speaker was actually saying eide (MORE)
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What are some different uses of the term 'idyllic'?

The term 'idyllic' can be used to describe places and things that are ideal. It is also used to describe normal and ordinary satisfaction. Ideal states or situations are ofte (MORE)
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What are the requirements for writing an idyll?

The idyll, or Greek for short poem, is usually descriptive of rustic life, written in the Idylls style, Theocritus' short pastoral poems. A feature of an Idyll is the fact it (MORE)