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What is a clandestine Medal of Honor?

The Medal of Honor is America's highest military honor, awarded forpersonal acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty. It ispersonally awarded by the President to US mil (MORE)

Is Medal of Honor warfighter splitscreen?

Unfortunately, Medal of Honor Warfighter does not have the option of split screen. Either the project managers have yet to pull their head out of the sand and realise that spl (MORE)

What is the difference between the Medal of Honor and the congressional Medal of Honor?

Medal of Honor is the correct nomenclature, each major branch of the military has their Medal of Honor. Award of the Medal of Honor is approved by congress and presented to th (MORE)

Can you sell congressional Medal of Honor?

A Medal of Honor can never be sold. It is Illegal to sell, own, wear a medal that was not awarded to you while in the service to our country. This information comes from the (MORE)

How do you get the Medal of Honor?

For committing an heroic act. The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration awarded by the United States government. It is awarded for "Conspicuous gallantry and int (MORE)

What is a George Washington honor medal?

The George Washington Honor Medal is a civilian medal awarded by  the Freedoms Foundation for outstanding essays and speeches about  the military.
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