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Did Ed Eaton get the medal of honor?

I am a reporter for the Valley Herald Newspaper in Ed Eaton's  hometown of Milton-Freewater, Oregon and I also went to high school  with Ed.   After his story was on the (MORE)

What is a metaphor for Congressional Medal of Honor?

First of all there exist no award in the United States inventory, nomenclature or vernacular called the Congressional Medal of Honor. The actual and proper name of the award i (MORE)

What is the difference between the Medal of Honor and the congressional Medal of Honor?

Medal of Honor is the correct nomenclature, each major branch of the military has their Medal of Honor. Award of the Medal of Honor is approved by congress and presented to th (MORE)

How do you get the Medal of Honor?

For committing an heroic act. The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration awarded by the United States government. It is awarded for "Conspicuous gallantry and int (MORE)

What are the privileges of a Medal of Honor winner?

  The US Medal of Honor puts the recipient in a pretty exclusive club. It entitles the recipient to a LIFETIME PENSION, they are saluted by EVERYONE who passes them, wheth (MORE)

Who has won the most medal of honors?

19 Medals of Honor winners were awarded the medal 2 times. 5 however were to U.S. Marines in WWI for the same action by the Army and Navy. After 1917 only 1 Medal of Honor pe (MORE)

Medal of honor winners?

Total number of winners 3468. It has been steadly harder to win, In  Civil War they issued 1522. In WW2 - 464, Korea - 133, Vietnam -246  and between the Iraq and Afgan War (MORE)

What is a congressional medal of honor?

The proper name is simply Medal of Honor, although Congressional gets thrown in there. It is the highest medal in the US military. It is awarded for extreme courage and valo (MORE)