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When is the last day of Winter?

In the Northern Hemisphere, the last day of winter is the day before the Vernal Equinox (first day of Spring). The equinox is March 20 or rarely March 21. In the Southern Hem (MORE)
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How many days til winter?

116 days. Winter always begins on December 21st. Based on today's date of August 27, 2010, there are exactly 116 days left until that date. Remember, to find out how long i (MORE)
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Does a plant produce more oxygen on a sunny or cloudy day?

Any plant will produce more O2 on a sunny day than a cloudy day, since more sunlight hitting the plant means more energy to produce more oxygen via photosynthesis. Photosynthe (MORE)

How do you know that it is the first day of winter?

The first day of winter is 45 days after the autumn equinox [mid autumn] and 45 days before the winter solstice [mid winters day]. The first day of winter falls on about the 5 (MORE)
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Why is a cloudy winter day warmer then a sunny winter day?

A cloudy winter day is warmer than a sunny winter day because the clouds reflect the heat radiating from the earths surface and traps them in the atmosphere. On a sunny (cloud (MORE)

When is Candlemas Day?

Candlemas day is Feb 2. It is a religious day and is always 40 days after the birth of Jesus Christ. According to the Catholic Church, it is the day that baby Jesus was presen (MORE)

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