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My demi pointe shoes soft blocks are painful to wear it puts pressure on my big toe nail they were professionally fitted why is this happening and how can i make the shoes not hurt as much?

If they are relatively new, it may just be because they havent been broken in properly yet, so try bending them and kneading the ends to soften the fabric. Also, wearing them (MORE)
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How do you know if your pointe shoes fit?

Your pointe shoes will fit properly, if, en-pointe you can pinch the fabric on your heel. If you can pinch the fabric too easily, they are too big. If you are having difficult (MORE)
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What shoes fit liv doll?

well liv doll shoes of course but you probaly already know that. but stardoll shoes you know that game star doll well barbie made a doll with acsesorie packs and they come wit (MORE)

What is the meaning of if the shoe fits wear it?

If it applies, take it to heart.  Imagine this dialogue:    Jack: "Nobody likes someone who rats on other people."   Sue: "Are you calling me a tattletale?"   (MORE)
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If the shoe fits its ugly?

If the shoe fits, but it's ugly, you could still wear it. This is a  good idea because it will help you bowl better if you're wearing  the right sized shoes.
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Where can you learn how to fit pointe shoes?

It's not someplace you can go or read about online, though online would certainly offer lots of tips. The best advice you can be given is to go talk to the professionals in y (MORE)
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What does if the shoe fits expression mean?

The expression "If the shoe fits" means that if something suits a person then the person should "wear the shoe that fits" and accept that it suits them and works for them.
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Do you have to get professionally fitted for pointe shoes?

You don't have to, but it is highly suggested because someone who  is experienced in pointe shoe fittings will most likely find the  shoe that is perfect for you.
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