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Can antifreeze ignite?

Antifreeze is typically composed mainly of ethylene or propylene glycol. Both of these substances are combustible. However, neither of them is dangerously so. And when diluted (MORE)

What is a millivolt ignition?

  It's a standing pilot light, the flame also produces constant low levels of electricity (Millivolts) to control the safety and gas valves.
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What does the ignition condenser do?

\nIt is basically a temporary storage device for electricity. The condenser is a simple capacitor that can store a small amount of current. When the points begin to open, the (MORE)

What does ignite mean?

to set on fire In an automotive sense, ignite is the "explosion" of the fuel in the head cylinder when the spark plug "fires". The "explosion" forces the piston down to rotate (MORE)

Which ignition system is better and why The MSD Ignition or the Mallory Ignition?

if you are talking about the coil and boxes...then it gives the a bigger spark for a longer period of time, but if you're runnning turbos and junk...don't, just buy some plugs (MORE)

The ignition will not turn?

  Worn key or barrel, do you have a new key you can try it with ? If it still doesn't turn properly you got a worn ignition barrel that has to be replaced
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What is the ignition coil for?

The coil The igition coil provides high voltage to the spark plug, to provide the spark to ignite the fuel in the combustion process inside the engine. Likely, you know that m (MORE)

What is ignition delay?

  The length of time or number of degrees of crankshaft rotation between the beginning of injection and ignition of the fuel.

Why no ignition light?

The reason for no ignition light could be a low battery. The wiring  system may be another reason for this. Check the white wires in the  ignition switch and the multi-plug (MORE)

What The Pilot ignites does?

The pilot light is a small flame which stays on all the time (as in older water heaters for example). When the water temperature drops below the thermostat setting, the main h (MORE)