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Did Tina Turner win an Oscar?

No. The Grammy Award-winning superstar has never been nominated for an Academy Award. But Angela Bassett won a 1993 Best Actress nomination for her portrayal of Tina Turner in (MORE)

Did Tina turner really love Ike turner?

  Yes! But since Ike Kept on beating Tina for no reason what so ever she(Tina) decided to go solo. And now Tina Turner is a HUGE success, and Ike is a not so famous anymor (MORE)

Did Tina turner ever hit Ike turner?

yes. she also bit him. it happened in their car. (she did that because she was tiered from benign abused.)
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Was all Tina turner kids Ike turners?

  no, Tina had a son with a member of Ike's band in 1958. Before Tina and Ike were married. Ike had two sons with another woman before Tina and then they both had one son. (MORE)

How man kids did Tina turner have?

Tina Turner had four children. Her first child was with Raymond Hill, a saxonphonist in Ike Turners band. His name is Craig Turner (Ike Turner later adopted him). Her second c (MORE)

Where did Tina turner go to school?

She went to Flag Grove School - elementary . Then she went to Sumner High School . And she never went to college . She joined the Tina and Ike Turner Revue When she was (MORE)

Did Tina turner have siblings?

Yes Tina Turner did have siblings, she had 1 sister called Ailene
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Does Tina Turner have grandchildren?

Yes, Tina does have grandchildren. If you watch this from youtube. Oprah says "And Grandmother..." Also Those LEGS! Oh My Gosh those (MORE)