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Who sang this song The room was crowded when I walked in I stood there wearing a foolish grin No welcome I received I felt so ill at ease but then I looked and I saw you?

The song was I've Got My Eyes On You. It was written by Jackie Rae and Les Reed.  Published in 1968 it was recorded by:  Petula Clark (1971 album Warm and Tender)  Ray Conn (MORE)
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Why do we Shiver when we are ill?

  Shivering is the bodys way of raising the temperature. When we shiver our muscles are working, and as they work they generate heat. Heat, as in running a fever helps fig (MORE)

Why are you ill?

Because you have probably caught it of somebody, germs can spread very quickly and make you feel a bit down. The reason you are ill though is because your immune system isn't (MORE)
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Why do you fall ill?

Why Do We Fall Ill Anything that prevents proper functioning of cells and tissues will lead to a lack of proper activity of the body. When a person experiences such a conditio (MORE)

How do you become ill?

  * if your skin has a cut and gets bacteria in it  * if you don't wash your hands  * if you eat something off of a dirty surface (such as the floor, counters..ect) (MORE)
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What is terminally ill?

In layman"s terms- Dying. an illness which will end in the extinction of life- death. There are many- such as various forms of Cancers, Aids, etc.

What will mental illness do to you?

The brain is the physical representation of the mind. The health of the brain depends on the state of the mind. The state of the conscious mind is dependent on the state of th (MORE)

What is decompression illness?

It is any illness that is related to a release of pressure from the body such as barotrauma .. baro (pressure) trauma (injury). It includes decompression sickness, but it is n (MORE)