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Are there imams in Russia?

Imams are the persons who lead the Muslims in offering prayers.  They are also found in Russia wherever the Muslims live.
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Who is the imam of makka?

  Imams at Haram Sharif are:   * Sheikh Muhammed Al-Subayyil (Arabic:محمد السبيل)  * Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais (Arabic:عبد الرحمن السدي (MORE)
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Can Imams get married?

Yes. Of course Imams marry; in fact, marriage is half of the emaan of a person. Islam is unique and Islam is a complete religion. Islam is the way of life and to live your lif (MORE)

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Who is Imam Hussain?

Imam Hussainwas second son of Fatima (SA) and Ali bin abi Talib (AS). Hussain (AS) was born on 3rd Shabaan, 4th year of Hijri (10.1.626 AD) .Holy Prophet was given the news of (MORE)
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Do Imams get paid?

From what I know, no they don't. Although mosques and some Islamic centres do maybe give a fee but most imams don't get paid so they take up another trade or open schools. Bei (MORE)

What are imams?

literally Imam means (in front of [a group of people]) or leader. generally Imams are the men who speak inside the mosque to everyone. In Shia Islam perspective, Immams m (MORE)

What is an Imam?

An imam is a religious leader in Islam. One of his duties is to lead prayers in the mosque.
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What is the difference between imam and Imam?

There is no difference in imam and Imam, both refer to someone leading any of the prayer sessions (five obligatory daily prayer sessions). Capitalizing "i", though follows Eng (MORE)
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Does an imam get paid?

An imam is a group of people of Muslims so you are basically asking if Muslims get paid to be paid Answer this: do you get paid to live your life, or being the religion yo (MORE)
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What is the twelfth Imam?

he is form children of prophet Muhammad PBUH and is not alive but in the Occultation and will come with Jesus PBUh to bring peace to humanity. please read below books in rel (MORE)