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What are the 'Rukun iman'?

Answer . Peace & Blessings. Question is what are the "Rukun Iman"?. Rukun; [Sin. Rukn or Rukun (Pillar), Pl. Arkan (Pillars)] means, generally as , A pillar, an essenti (MORE)
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What are the rukun iman?

Five Pillars (Arkan) of Islam: 1.Shahadat: [testimony that there is no god except Allah (God) theOne and Only One, having No Partner whatsoever. And Muhammad is Hisservant a (MORE)
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How many Imans are there?

There are speciclly over 100 Imans in the world from Asia allt eh way to North America:)

What are the pillars of iman?

Just as Islam has five pillars so does iman have six pillars, the six pillars of iman that every Muslims must believe in to become a Muslim are; 1. Belief in Allah (swt) 2 (MORE)

Is iman a country?

No, Iman is not a country. (There is a country, though, namedOman.) . Iman is an actress, model, and business woman. . She was born in 1955 in Mogadishu, the capital of the (MORE)