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What is an Imax screen?

An IMAX screen is a screen that is larger than that of a typical movie theatre. Usually, the screen spans from wall to wall, covering more area.   If referencing to an IM (MORE)

What is the difference between imax and 3D?

  3D is when you are required to wear the glasses to see the images that will appear to be in 3D, meaning that projection of the images appear to move toward or away from (MORE)
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What is the difference between a 3d imax and a dome theater imax?

A 3-D IMAX film is just like any other 3-D movie. You put on a pair of 3-D glasses, and watch the movie as if it was in real life, or the third dimension.  A dome theatre is (MORE)
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Is IMAX 70mm?

IMAX 15/70 mm film is simply the size of each frame (individual picture) on the reels of film. The reason that the size is so large, compared to that of a standard movie theat (MORE)
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What is an IMAX 3D movie?

A 3-D IMAX film is just like any other 3-D movie except that it is on a huge screen. The screen is so big that it completely occupies the front of the theater. You put on a pa (MORE)
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What is the difference between IMAX 3d and IMAX 3d experencie?

IMAX has a high standard theatre quality as well as film quality. Therefore, there is no difference between IMAX 3D and the IMAX 3D Experience. Another Answer IMAX 3D Experie (MORE)
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Difference between imax dome and imax flat sceen?

An IMAX dome screen will surround a visitor in the picture, while a flat screen is typically like a large version of a normal movie screen. Note that IMAX 3-D can only be show (MORE)