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What is imax?

IMAX is a film corporation that distributes 15/70 mm films, which are larger than the movies distributed at your local theatre. This allows the films to be projected at a much (MORE)

Who invented Imax?

they invented imax: . Roman Kriotor, . Graeme Ferguson, . William Shaw and . Robert Kerr

Where was the IMAX invented?

There are mainly people behind this technology to have invented the IMAX. Some of the guys were namely William C. Shaw, Nicholas Mulders, Roman Kroiter and Graeme Ferguson. Th (MORE)
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What is an Imax screen?

An IMAX screen is a screen that is larger than that of a typical movie theatre. Usually, the screen spans from wall to wall, covering more area. If referencing to an IMAX do (MORE)

Who created imax?

The creators of IMAX are Graeme Ferguson , Roman Kroitor , RobertP. Kerr , William Shaw. It wascreated in 1968 in Montreal , Quebec , Canada .
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What is the difference between the bfi imax and odeon imax?

Odeon Imax theatres (except Manchester Printworks) are Digital projection facilities using 2 Christie 2K projectors converging a separate left and right image with a 1.9:1 rat (MORE)
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Is IMAX 70mm?

IMAX 15/70 mm film is simply the size of each frame (individual picture) on the reels of film. The reason that the size is so large, compared to that of a standard movie theat (MORE)
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What is Imax 3D?

Imax is a theatre that is larger than most and is supposed to have the best 3D movies of any theatre.
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Which movies are Imax?

There are many films that are IMAX films, such as: TRON: Legacy Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows-Part 1 Megamind Paranormal Activity
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